Friday, October 14, 2011

Project. Done! Award Winning!

Sorry I made NO updates during construction. But the whole project is done. This took about 5+ months of FULL time work from the 3 of us, had no time for anything else. But the good thing is that it works and actually won an award at tech fair. We were up against 2 other teams with a total of 4 possible awards; we won "Elegance of Design"

If you don't feel like reading past blogs, this project is title:
Wireless Chemical Hazard and Surveillance Robot
It detects Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen, Methane, and Propane with just 2 different sensors. The gas levels are wireless relayed to the base station to where the robot is controlled and displayed on the LCD. The operator also has control of a IR camera.

Final Video to come soon


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