Monday, January 17, 2011

Planning Stages

Right now we are in the planning stages of our project. Our proposed project is a Wireless Hazard detection robot, more-or-less. Once we figure out exactly all the functions this robot will be capable of, we can think of a more appropriate name.

We know for sure that it will have 3 sensors, CO (Carbon Monoxide), C3H8 (Propane), and CH4 (Methane). It will also include a IR camera that will provide us with live feeds to a base station and possibly a GPS capabilities.
The gas sensors will provide feedback through an LED/LCD panel that will also be used to control the robot wirelessly through the use of a XBee module.
The XBee is a prefab device that uses RF to connect 2 devices using the standardized 2.4GHz frequency. Claimed range is 6 miles. Although we may get sensor readings at these distances, we might not be able to get video feeds and control the robot since they both use their own wireless transmitters that do not have that type of range.

I have been looking for a cheap RC car with a wide enough base to be able to mount all the equipment, hold all the weight, and keep us within budget.